Why do you need to clip bird's wings?

Most bird owners are faced with the question if they should clip their bird's wings or not. To help some of them with the decision, there are plenty of articles to help with this question. There are some good things along with some bad concepts to doing this. You will have to weigh the options and what is better for your bird.

Any birds that are kept in flight aviaries or living with other full flighted birds should not be clipped. You should make sure that the bird has full flight before entering it with other birds. Birds with other specific problems like disability or poor balance might do better with full wings. In some birds, their feathers may get in their way when they are standing so it may be necessary to clip them.

If a bird has spent many years of their life full flighted, they may find that a wing clip will be stressful to them. This may lead to depression or other problems for the bird. If you must clip them, then you should only clip a small amount at gradual stages on the bird.

Canaries, finches and other smaller birds should not be clipped until the owner has the advice from a veterinarian. They can better determine if the bird should have their feathers clipped or not. Some birds are going to fly better and live better if they have their wings clipped at least a little bit.

In most birds, they will tend to learn to fly better and even develop better with more confidence when they have the opportunity to fly and land before they are clipped. This will help them find their balance skills that are very important to them. They will have to have some form of balance in order to be able to play and perch.

You can do the clipping yourself or you can go to a veterinarian to have the clipping done. If you are not sure how to do it, you may want to be shown a few times before you attempt to do it yourself. It is always better to make sure that the birds are clipped correctly so that you do not cause damage to the bird.

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