What does your bird need for nutrition?

It is important that you know what your bird wants and needs as far as their diet. You need to give them the nutrition that they are wanting in their diet. Seed is not the only diet for a bird. In fact, seed is not very healthy at all for a pet bird. Only about half of the birds diet should be seed. The other half should be fruits and vegetables.

The fruits and vegetables is where all of the vitamins are held for the bird's health. If your bird is not keen on trying new foods, you can cut the fruits and veggies up into smaller pieces and mix them with the seed. This will give them a special treat that they are going to be sure to love.

You should offer food to the bird in the morning and in the evening if they are having trouble getting off the seed and onto other things. This will give them a sense of hunger and they will be looking for anything to eat by the time you replace their food. This will help them try new things and get away from the same old foods.

Eggs are a great source of protein for your bird. You can add some eggs to some fruits and vegetables, bake them in the oven, and then serve it to your bird as a healthy snack. You can also give your birds small quantities of nuts like almonds and walnuts. You can mix them with yogurt for a fun and healthy food snack.

You can find mineral blocks for your bird's cage. They are a great source of calcium for the pet bird. You can visit your local pet store, they will give you all the advice on their supplies, and what is better for your pet bird. They will help you decide what you purchase for your bird in order to keep them healthy.

Make sure that your bird has fresh water in their cage at all times. The birds will probably drink very little water, and you may want to use a vitamin on their food to supply them with the nutrients that they are missing with the water.

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