Warnings for your parekeet

If you are the proud owner of a parekeet, you are going to want to know about a few of these warnings. It is important to keep your parakeet safe from harm and to make sure that bird is well taken care of while you are the owner.

Parakeets get cold very easily. You need to make sure that your pet is in a warm environment. Be careful when you are hanging the bird cage. Keep it far away from any drafts from windows and the heat sources in the house.

Make sure that you know what your parakeet is eating. Try to avoid giving them seed . this is stored in a silo where other animals eat and use it for the bathroom. It is washed, but there is still bacteria residue on the seed that can be dangerous to your bird. Do not leave fruits and other vegetables in the cage for more than five hours. Make sure that you are checking on your parakeet regularly. Usually if they are not feeling good, they will keep it a secret from their owner. Make sure that you are aware of their souroundings and keep them healthy.

Do not let your bird escape. You should clip their wings and remind anyone that comes into your home to not let the bird out of the cage and keep windows and doors closed. Make sure that there are screens on the windows if you are leaving them open. Once the bird is outside, chances are it will not return.

Never feed your parakeet any chocolate, coffee, salt or alcohol. There are not for pet birds or any other pets for that case. You should only feed them the recommended food that they need to survive. Keep your bird away from fumes of any kind as well. You should watch the hair sprays, candles, and food burning on the stove. This is very irritating to the bird and they will not like it at all.

Parakeets are drawn to shinny things. Watch out for them if they are let loose. They will flock to the kitchen and you may want to keep them away from your stove and other appliances.

With a few of these recommendations, you can make sure that your parakeet is living well and staying healthy for a very long time. You will be able to enjoy your bird more and they will appreciate you for it.

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