Training tips for your birds

You will want to start to train your pet bird some tricks and commands when you get them. This is the fun part about having a pet bird. You can do different things with them all the time and get them to become a well-trained animal. A bird will need to learn step by step just like any other animal being trained. Here are some things that you can do to help your bird be better trained.

Never let your bird climb out of the cage on 'its own'. There is a rule that the bird needs to be controlled by the owner at all times and this will help keep that rule in play. You will want to approach the bird from below with your hand when you want to take them out of the cage.

Keep the bird's head below your heart. This will include areas where they perch and it will mean the height of their cage as well. This will prevent any problems with the bird's health later on. Your bird should also learn to stay where their owner places them. You can reward then when they do what they are told with treats.

You can play games with your bird with a towel. This will condition them to not be stressed out when they are wrapped in a towel for baths and for getting their wings clipped. You may want to take the bird in the shower with you. This will be a great way to spend time with your bird and they will feel like they are in the rain.

You can give your bird some special things for inside their cage. This will allow them to feel like they are very special and they will in turn be better-behaved birds for their owners. You can buy them special perches, water and food feeders and ropes for in their cage. There are many other things to find for pet birds as well in many of the pet shops.

You should communicate with your bird. You can talk to your bird or whistle to your bird. This will give them the verbal communication that they are looking for to stay happy and healthy in any environment. You can also take your bird out of their cage. When you are doing this, make sure that the windows and the doors are closed and everyone in the house knows not to open them. It seems that a bird that is out of the cage will find any crack that is left open and eventually escape. This is very important so that you keep your birds safe. Give them some time to wander around the home and let them be free for a short time.

When you do the above things, you are not only keeping your bird healthy and safe you are allowing them to be happy and enjoy their life in your home. This is the greatest pleasure that you can have for your pet bird.

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