Tips for bathing your bird

Some bird likes to be bathed. You can do this and have a lot of fun and a good experience with your bird. Bathing is important for most birds and you will want to make sure that you are doing it in the proper way. You do not want to harm the bird and make them sick with any of the procedures that you do. Here are some tips that will help you bathe your bird better.

Using warm water, you can mist your bird with a spray bottle. If they want to continue with the bathing, they will lift their wings and put their head down, shake around and be happy with every spray. Try misting about the bird so that it is stimulating a shower or rain.

In the summertime, you can get your bird completely wet because this is good for their skin. When the weather is cooler, you can bath them less unless you can get them warmed up with heat after the bath. You can buy a bird lamp for this and they are not expensive in most pet and bird shops.

You should only give your pet bird a bath in the daylight hours. When a bird goes to bed wet, they can develop a chill that will make them feel uncomfortable and may even give them a cold. It is the same for humans that go to bed with wet hair.

Never spray a bird that is scared by the entire bathing process. This bird will have to have to come into the bathing process on his or her own. Let her be near water like in the shower or the sink. They will take the time to investigate and then get into the water on their own.

Do not use a blower dryer on your bird. This is very dangerous because of the no stick coating that can be on some dryers. This can cause your bird to become sick or even die if they are breathing in these toxic fumes. Not to mention the heat can harm your bird as well.

Try and make your bird as comfortable as possible when it is time for a bath. You want this to be an enjoyable time for them and you need to make sure that you are accommodating all of their needs to make them happy. Play with your bird at this time and let them have the opportunity to have fun and become very fond of their playtime in the water. Do not be afraid to give them a special treat if they take their bath with no problems. This will get them enthusiastic about taking a bath from that point on.

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