Picking the best bird for your child

Children are going to love to have a pet bird. They are very interested in birds and having one for their family pet will be an excitement that they will want to share with everyone. There are many different species of birds and their intelligence level with children will be different. It is a great learning experience to have a pet bird for them to share time with and learn about.

Think about the age of your child and if they are able to take on the responsibility of a pet bird. You will also want to take into consideration any breathing problems the bird may have. Children with environmental allergies and asthma may have problems with birds. Many birds like Cockatiels and African Greys are going to be dusty. This may not be the best choice for them. You can try to go to the pet store and be around different types of birds to see if any bother their breathing patterns.

Children need to know how to behave around the birds. They need to be calm and keep the energy level down so that they do not frighten the birds and make them stressed and anxious around the child.

If your child is looking for a bird that they can have their hand on and cuddle with, you may want to get them a Cockatiel. They are friendly and will enjoy hanging out with their people and they like to have their head scratched. This is a good choice for a petting bird.

You should prepare the child to know that they have to clean the cage and water and feed the bird everyday. Make sure that you are letting them know that they are responsible for the bird and they have to take care of it in order for it to live a happy and healthy life. They should make sure that they are spending quality time with the bird and letting it out of the cage once a day so that they can get some running around time.

Teach the child that the bird needs to stay in the house. Keep the doors and windows closed and let them know that if the bird gets outside, chances are it will not return and they will lose their companion.

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