How to take care of your parakeet

If you are the owner of a parakeet, you are going to want to make sure that you are taking very good care of it. These are very amazing and intelligent birds. They are good-natured and they will make good pets for just about anyone. They are fun and entertaining. You will want to do the proper steps to keep the bird happy and healthy. You will first want to find a good and reliable bird dealer.

You want to only buy a parakeet that is from a good pet store that takes very good care of the bird. You need to make sure that you are verifying the bird dealer. You want to make sure that the birds are not overcrowded in the birdcage. Keep the cages clean and use only the best quality of food for the bird to eat.

You will have to line the cage with paper towels or other types of paper. Make sure that you are planning to change them on a regular basis. Set up the cage with the perches, water and food dishes, and any toys that you may have for the bird. Bring the bird home to a comfortable and quiet place where the birds will feel at home.

Make sure that you are changing the food and water on a daily basis. Let the bird get used to the surroundings and make sure that you are maintaining cage. Before you try and train the bird, you should allow the bird to perch on your finger. This will help them keep their balance.

Get your parakeet on a healthy pellet diet. Seeds are a very common source of bacterial infection. They can easily lower the health and the lifespan of the bird. Bacteria can build up and overwhelm the bird over a long time. You will want to get your bird on a healthy pellet diet to help keep the healthy and strong.

You should add fresh food like vegetables and fruits to their dish also. Food can be attached to the sides of the cage or chopped up and put into a bowl. You should also try and spend time with your parakeet for at least half an hour a day. This will help you to bond with your bird and give them the attention that they need to be a happy pet.

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