How to cure feather picking

Feather picking is one problem that a lot of bird owners are dealing with. This serious problem will lead to many other factors for the bird's health. The first thing that you need to know is that feather picking is a symptom of something else that is wrong with your bird. The only cure for it is to find out what the problem is and then treating it.

Feather picking is related to the staggering variety of problems. They can be one or many different things. Medical conditions that cause this will include allergies, infections, deficiencies for vitamins, and hormone related problems.

Much bird will come from extremely humid environments and our homes can duplicate those environments. The dry air of most homes can be a factor in feather picking and can be the reason behind some other medical problems as well. Make sure that the air in the home is not too humid or too dry. You want them to be comfortable and feel safe so that they do not end up with behavioral problems that you have to deal with.

Bird is very active and smart and they do not like to just sit around in the cage all the time. They need things to play with and chew on. If they do not get out of the cage and get the exercise that they need, they may direct all of their energy to the self-mutilation of their feathers.

If a bird has a bad experience with anything, they may have a mental problem to deal with. They are very sensitive and need to be taken well care of in that sense. If there was a trauma that upset the bird, this could lead to feather picking and can be a serious problem for the bird.

Attention is one thing that any bird needs to have. If they are not getting enough attention, they are going to start to do things to their feathers. They will look for things to get their owner's attention and feather picking is one of them. Just spend some time with them and find out what they need. Usually all the birds really want is some love and attention to get them through the day.

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