How to clean your bird feeders

It is important to keep your bird feeders clean so that they do not develop a sickness from them. You must keep their feeders clean just as you would if it were something that you would eat from. You have to do this to keep fungi like Aspergillus fumigatus does not start to grow on your bird feeder.

These types of fungus can cause respiratory infections in birds. It is very recommended that hummingbird feeders be cleaned every four days. It is also a good idea to clean other bird feeders in cages to be cleaned well at least twice a week. You need to do this in order to make sure that the bird stays happy and healthy.

If you are enthusiastic about bird feeding and you have more than one feeder, you should get a schedule and stick to it. This will prevent having to clean them all at once, which can take precious time that you do not have. You want to make sure that you take the time to do this when it is time so that you can ensure your bird is eating form a clean surface all the time.

You should get a larger tub so that you can place your birdfeeder inside it and use a scrub brush, outdoor hose, gloves and soap to clean it. You may also want to sterilize the bird feeder with some distilled vinegar. This is a great ingredient to clean the bird feeder with.

Keep your bird feeder in the tub outdoors and fill it with warm water. You should wear some kind of gloves to protect your own hand from any bacteria that may already be on the bird feeder. Rinse the feeder well with water from the hose. Make sure that you are getting all of the detergent or soap off of the feeder. You will then want to soak the bird feeder with vinegar for a few hours. This will kill any left over bacteria that are on the surface.

Once you have rinsed the feeder well with the hose, you can then refill it and place it back in its spot. You can watch as your birds feed on it and you can feel good because you have made sure that they are not going to get sick from any unwanted bacteria that is left on the bird feeder.

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