How to choose a birdcage for your bird

If you are thinking about getting a bird, you are going to need a good birdcage. There are several things to take into consideration when you are purchasing a cage for the bird that you have as a pet. You will find that there are a lot of different choices and you will want to take your time and choose the right one.

The size is going to make the most difference when it comes to your bird. You want to make sure that your birdcage is large enough to accommodate your bird so that they are comfortable. You want your bird to be able to move around freely. There should also be enough perches in the cage for the bird. The perches should be far enough away form the bars so that the tail does not touch. It is always better to have a larger cage than to have one that is too small.

The normal shape for birdcage is rectangular. Parrot cages are often taller than they are long. Round cages are not recommended as many birds do not appear to feel as safe as they are in other square cages. Sometimes you will have a choice between a dome cage which additional room on the inside of the cage and even some have a play area in the cage.

The best material for the birdcage is steel. This will also be the most expensive as well. Powder coated cages are another good choice. This is a method of spraying dry powder paint over the metal cage and then baking it into a durable finish.

Check over the cages first before you put your bird into it. You should make sure that there are no sharp edges on the cage. Make sure that there are no bolts where the bird is going to get hurt on. You should also make sure that the cage locks securely when you close the door. This is so that the bird cannot escape. You may want to make sure that the bird does not learn how to undo the locks. Some birds are very smart, and they may figure this out after a time.

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