How to calm a screaming bird

When you have a parrot, you should be prepared to deal with the screaming. Some birds never make a sound and others that just love to be heard. The parrot is defiantly one of those types of birds. If you have a parrot and are looking for ways to calm the screaming down, here is some advice.

If you do not want a bird that makes loud noises or screams, you should make this clear to the pet shop or bird dealer when you are making your selection. You do not want something that you cannot handle or learn to love.

Bird will scream just to hear his or her own voice. They want to be heard and this is the only way that they know how to do this. For some birds, they will be screamers when they are feather picking. They are bored, stressed and they want your attention. This is the time to give it to them.

Do not use positive or negative enforcement for the screaming. Do not rush to pick up the bird every time they raise their voice. If you do this, they will only scream more because it will get them the attention that they want. You should also not go over and yell at them when they are screaming.

You can cover the bird's cage to help them know when sunrise and sunset is. You cannot keep the cage dark all of the time. Use the cover for the times when you have to get some sleep or when you think the screaming is more than you can take. This is not a permanent solution, but it will help you get through some of the tough spots with the bird.

You cannot have the bird fixed so that it has no voice. The only thing that you can do is try and train the bird. You need to adjust their behavior. Modifying their behavior is one way to make them stop the aggravating screams and to calm them down. You will be able to function better and get a hold on the personality of the bird when you learn to identify with it and give it the attention that it requires.

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