Dangers in the home for birds

Birds are great creatures. They are very good in just about any atmosphere, however there are certain things that you have to protect your bird from in order to keep them safe and sound. When you are getting a pet bird, you have to make sure that your home is ready for the bird to enter.

The cage is the housing that protects the bird. You want your bird to be safe in their cage and so you have to make sure that your cage doe not have any dangers inside it like sharp edges and small things for your bird to choke on.

There are some fumes in the home that you have to watch out for in order to keep your pet bird safe. Birds are highly sensitive to dangerous fumes and can get very sick from them. You have to be careful with aerosol products in the home. Keep them away from the bird. You should also watch out for pots and pans that have cooking coatings on them. If you are burning these things on the stove, they will put toxic fumes in the air and the bird will become sick and may even die.

Be very aware of any insecticides that you are using in your home. Read the label and make sure that they are containing any pyrethrum, fenoxycarb, and prior. These ingredients are safe around birds after they have dried. If you have any kind of gas leak or carbon monoxide leak in your home, you should remove the pet bird immediately. They are just like humans and will not be able to survive the deadly gases.

You should not smoke around your bird either. Do not leave the cigarette butts anywhere that the bird can get a hold of them. The smoke is just as bad for your pet birds as it is for humans as well as they may try and eat the butts and could possibly choke on them.

Do not share your food with your bird. You do not want them to get sick from left overs that you may be feeding to your bird. You need to stick to the bird feed and the fruits and vegetables because this is what their body needs and can handle. Anything that is high fat, sugar and salt is not going to be appropriate for the bird to have.

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