Canaries and finches

The canary is a beautiful bird that is very popular in most people's homes. There are many other pet birds, but the canary is one this is chosen time and time again by most owners. They are well known for their talents and their vibrant color. Canaries are otherwise known as finches and they can be yellow or bright orange. They are not the bright yellow that most people associate them with.

If you are looking for a bird that sings and makes beautiful music in your home, you are going to want a male canary. The female canaries do not sing. You will find that the males are wonderful choices that will fill your home with great sounds that will put your mind at peace.

The canary is the perfect choice of bird for any beginner that wants to own a bird. They will not need as much time and attention as some of the other birds that are out there. The canary is happy to be in their cage hanging out alone when they need be or they will sing and entertain you with their beauty any time you would like.

They are not a bird that likes to be handled so if you are looking for a cuddly bird to have, this is not the choice for you. The canary is not going to make a good pet for a child because of this reason. Most children like to handle the birds that they have. However, they may be a good choice for an older child because they will entice the child with their beauty and wander of the way that they make music and beautiful sounds.

Like the canary, the finch is a hand off bird with great charm. They ware flashy and fun to watch. They are lively birds that are going to make a great pet for anyone that loves to watch the wanders of a bird.

Finches are better in a social situation. You may want to have two finches in the same cage to give them some form of entertainment. These birds will get around by flying and they do not climb for exercise. Remember that when they are too crowded, the cage may become a territorial battleground.

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